Chicken Dinner

Let’s talk about being sustainable, because it isn’t all about pretty blue eggs. It’s about making the decision NOT to buy unhealthy factory-farmed meats, and choosing to honor the happy & healthy birds raised at home.

In a world SO painfully disconnected from where their food comes from, it’s important to reconnect and be gracious for the animal that gave its life for your food. You are what you eat, after all.

This isn’t fast food. This isn’t chicken raised in a building so packed with other birds that it can’t walk around.

This is a bird that was hatched & raised on our Homestead, who’s never consumed a single chemical, and spent his entire life roaming our chunk of the Ozarks in the sunshine.

THAT is real food, it’s healthy food, and happy food.

That all sounds nice, right? But there’s still the matter of dispatching the bird, and when you’re this connected to your food, it’s a hard thing to do. This is a bird we’ve raised since he was just an egg, and to take his life away is a difficult burden to bear.

So how do we cope? We take solace in the fact that our birds spend their entire lives happy & healthy chickens who get roam around the Ozarks.

And just to clarify: our hens are hard working ladies, so we only ever eat the roosters. Plus when you’re dealing with roosters, I’m a firm believer that there can only be one per happy flock. (You can check out my original post on roosters here).

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  1. jimmy smith

    Thanks for having your web site. I really enjoy your narratives about your happy life on the Homestead. Having been raised on a farm, many years ago, I can relate very positively with what you have discovered and willingly share with others.

    You are truly enjoying work and the rewards that only come from the very basics of reaping and sowing.

    Hug all the helpers you employ on the Homestead for me.

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