Homemade Homesteading Magazine

Homemade Homesteading Magazine is print publication dedicated to the refinement of homemaking, homesteading, and motherhood, all for the Glory of God!


I believe that everything we do should glorify the Lord and I wanted to create something that I couldn’t find elsewhere – a publication that elevated the voices of fellow Christian homemakers, mothers, and homesteaders on a platform that existed outside of social media. I wanted to create something beautiful and fruitful that focused on refining how we live our lives so that we can glorify the Lord.

This print publication is filled with encouragement and wisdom from kindred homemakers, homesteaders, and mothers. Each issue is filled with articles written by 10-20 different people who love the Lord and have wisdom to share. It features a wide range of content including topics like seasonal homemaking, how to curate your home by thrifting, cultivating worship experiences at home with your children, farmhouse recipes, testimonies from fellow Christians, raising various types of livestock, celebrating teatime, and SO much more!
Imagine if Victoria Magazine & Teatime Magazine merged with Better Home & Gardens and focused on the Lord on every page – that’s Homemade Homesteading Magazine!
I hope that this collection inspires you and encourages you, and that it blesses you & your families!
You can purchase past issues from Amazon.com