Cloth Napkins

How many disposable napkins do you use each day? Paper towels? How many plastic packages do you throw away? How much money do you spend each month on disposable items?

I’ve said it before and I’ll it again:
Homesteading isn’t only about raising chickens & collecting farm fresh eggs.
🌻It’s about being sustainable, reducing our impact on the planet, and truly going back to the basics.

Modern conveniences have created so much waste on our planet, and don’t even get me started on plastic. A lot of these convenience items are extremely wasteful, even beginning with their production. Then when you consider what its transportation actually costs our environment, plus the damage that the waste causes our environment, and for what? All for a single-use item like a paper napkin.

“544,000 trees could be saved each year if each U.S. household used just one less roll of paper towels.” –Paper awareness


So if we know that it’s bad, and it’s wasteful, and it harms our environment, why do we buy into it?

Because it’s easy. It’s easy to throw out thousands of disposable items every single year and not actually see the impact it has. But the environment IS affected, and if every family did a single thing to reduce their impact on the planet, we would all see an amazing change.

That’s what sparked my first sewing project, which is the whole point of this post: I set out to make cloth napkins, and voila! Success! I followed this online tutorial, I bought some fabric on sale from a local sewing boutique, and I think all-in-all these napkins cost me just $6 and only a few hours of my time.

This is one less thing to purchase every month, one less thing to end up in a landfill, and one MORE step closer to our goal of being totally self-sufficient and sustainable.

Any way, take a step – no matter how small – towards being more green, people. It adds up, it matters, it totally makes a difference.✌️🌎

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