Just try it.

One of the best decisions I’ve made in my adult life is to indulge the things I’m interested in trying. I don’t necessarily have to master everything I try to do, but making and creating and trying something new is always so worthwhile – even if it doesn’t “go anywhere”.
I’m not a master candlemaker, or perfect seamstress, or esteemed herbalist, but I’ve never regretted just TRYING something that I was interested in trying. That’s how I originally started (& then mastered) 35mm film photography, and it’s how I started gardening, AND it’s even how we started raising chickens!

So seriously, if there’s anything you’ve been curious about trying, or interested in learning — just go for it. Worst case scenario, you find that you don’t enjoy something as much as you thought you would and you move onto the next thing with more experience under your belt.

P.S I have to give my husband major credit here, he encourages me to try things I wouldn’t otherwise have had the courage to try. His support inspires me endlessly.